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You Can Make a Difference

Do you feel like you can make a difference? Some days it's easier to believe that than others. You and I can make a difference, but there is a limit to our difference-making ability. Even if everyone on the planet agreed to help each other, we would still have limitations in what we could do. God made us with the limits we have so that we would learn to depend on Him and each other.

So how do we overcome those limits in order to make the biggest difference possible? Can we? Yes... but we need two things to do it. We need each other, and we need God.

Gideon learned this lesson in the Old Testament. God wanted Gideon and a group of his people to make a difference. He wanted Gideon to realize that the difference he would make was because God had helped Him. An angel appeared to Gideon and said, "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior" (Judges 6:10). Gideon's response is nothing short of priceless honesty... "Sir, if the LORD is (really) with us, why has all this happened to us?" Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever struggle with believing that God is with you at all? Gideon did.

And when the angel told Gideon he would be part of God's "larger than life" plan to save Israel, Gideon asked how he, of all people, could possibly save Israel? The answer the LORD gave him was this... "I will be with you..." (Judges 6:16).

When we realize God wants to help us accomplish even greater things than we believe we could possibly do on our own, we are in the place God wants us to be. Nothing you face in your life is impossible with God. But when we try to face life without God, we all hit the wall, eventually.

How has God positioned you to make a difference? What kind of leverage do you have to do something remarkable? Maybe you feel like Gideon today... how could God possibly use me, of all people, to do anything of significance? Remember that like Gideon, He is not asking you to do the impossible thing. He is asking you to believe that He can do it through you.

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