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Do You Want to Win?

Why do we compare ourselves to other people? We often do it for two reasons: we want to win, and we want them to lose. If you think about it, there are times when you just want someone who seems to be living the perfect life to fail. Isn't that horrible?! Yes it is, but it's true of all of us.

For instance, I have continued in agony over the Falcons losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl last year. I wanted nothing more than for the Patriots to be crushed by the Eagles in this year's Super Bowl. And the Eagles won! But somehow I really didn't feel better. I then became even angrier when I realized that if the Eagles, who the Falcons should have beaten, could beat the Patriots, then why didn't the Falcons beat the Eagles and then beat the Patriots this year?! It was a nasty spiral.

Sometimes we believe that if we can just beat someone, or be a little bit better than them at something, then we would feel like we've accomplished something. But the truth is that if we only seek to be better than someone else we put ourselves on the path of comparison which never leads to satisfying peace.