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Life to the Full

Dear Friends,

So how have you been kind to someone this week? Maybe this seems a little too easy--just be kind to people? Do you ever feel like you "should" be "doing more" as a Christian?

In John 10:10, Jesus did NOT say, " I have come that they may DO MORE and have life to the full." No. Instead, he said, "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." Spiritual life therefore does not come from following a set of "rules" and "doing more."

Spiritual life comes from being with Jesus and loving others the way he did. As we spend time with Jesus, in prayer, in stillness, in community, in service, he promises to bring us "life to the full." When we experience his life to the full, he makes us ready to go out and bless the people in our lives: our loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

We have enjoyed exploring some of these concepts around the table with many of you. When we come together with like-minded friends, we have an opportunity to better understand what it means to live like Jesus did, even in our world today.

If you are in your 20's, we are having this dialogue over dinner at Beers & Bible Study. Click Here for more information.

Have a great week,

Todd & Meredith

P.S. Have you been following along with our 30 Days of Kindness? Helping us all live an integrated life as Christ-followers in our world today is our goal.

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