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escape. connect. relate.

What if you had a fun and safe place to escape the pressures of life and to grow as a leader? What if you could experience the love of God in community on a regular basis? 

Our goal at 343 Ministries is

to create safe environments for all of our students to escape the pressures they face, connect with a loving God, and build supportive friendships

within a Christ-centered community.

Come find a place where you belong.

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Youth: About


Pray with us.

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We are so thankful to create communities that bring people together to dialogue about God with no strings attached. We have found that many twenty-somethings are at a faith crossroads, and we want to help those we know to know how to navigate their spiritual world. Some of our generous friends feel the same way, and they are giving 343 a $20,000 Matching Grant to specifically help us keep connecting with these twenty-somethings in our ministry.

Through this match, YOU have an opportunity to continue creating unique ways for 343 to connect people with a Christ-centered environment to openly dialogue about God and their faith.

Every dollar given by August 1 will be matched dollar for dollar up to the $20,000 challenge! 

Thank you for considering this opportunity! 

Youth: About
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