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YOU are making an impact for the Kingdom of God!

Watch where YOUR gift to our ministries is bringing people hope, joy, and love:


Here's How to Give:

At 343 Ministries, we are helping people to be the church right where they are. We're inviting YOU to partner with us in this pursuit of following God to impact ALL our communities for the better.


Giving to God is a joyful response for all He has done for us. God has given us the gift of life through His Son Jesus Christ. He has invited us into a new kind of life that will truly make a difference right where we live.

As God helps us to grow in our spiritual lives, we learn to become abundant givers like He is. Giving abundantly of ourselves to help others is what God invites us to do.

Let's do this together!


For answers to common giving questions, please click below.

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