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What Is a Learning Community? 

Conventional church models, such as a weekly church service or Bible study, have a powerful place in our lives. But we believe they’re only part of a truly rich spiritual life curriculum. This mass model has natural shortcomings. It can leave seekers disenchanted for various reasons. 

A learning community is different. It draws on your role and influence in your particular community to help you engage your everyday experiences with a highly curated, intellectually stimulating, spiritual mindset. 

Most importantly a learning community gives you a path for exploring and refining your individual beliefs in a much deeper and actionable way than a conventional one-way church services model can provide.

343 Ministries is a learning community designed to help you examine how your inner spiritual life and worldview affect your relationships, your career, and your overall ability to live a more fulfilled existence. 

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As a personalized, interactive learning community our goal is to help you to engage intentionally in community with others and create a process for growing personally in your spiritual life.