We’ve decided it's time to take an unconventional look at church. 

We met years ago working in ministry together. Long before everyone had their own website. Thanks for visiting ours!


From Atlanta to Dallas (for college and seminary) and back again, we have always had something to talk about. We worked together for years. We often interrupt each other when telling stories. And we actually still do laugh at each other's jokes! Occasionally.

Since we got married we've experienced lots of ups and downs. At weddings we both are reminded of the hopefulness of the future, in not knowing all that lies ahead. For us, there have been many moments in which we felt all we had to hope in was Christ.  


We’ve spent years working with adults, youth and kids, in teaching, in music, leading groups large and small, choir tours, retreats, silly videos...and we’ve loved every minute! Interestingly, along the way we began to feel that something was missing from church.  

Then God gave us the simultaneous gifts of a long-awaited little boy and unexpected job changes. So, naturally we decided to start a church. Why not, we asked? Yes it has been as crazy as it sounds! But still we feel called to follow God to create something new.  

We definitely haven’t discovered the perfect formula, but we do believe there is something great ahead. We know that it starts with an informed faith, a connected community, and an every day mindset toward God. 

We may look a little different than your typical church. And that’s ok! You could say we are more of a church in mindset. We’re striving to discover how to ‘be’ the church in a real way, right where we are. We want to help you do the same! We're hoping we can all better understand how to love others the way Jesus did. To live in a way that helps us and our friends, families, and neighbors experience joy, hope, and community...in a way that changes our cities for the better. 

We hope you'll follow along with us, wherever you are. After all, wouldn't our world look a little different if we all loved others the way Jesus did? 


PSALM 34:3

"Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together."