A little more about me...

Some of my former choir kids (now out of college) actually still call me Miss Meredith.  I’ve always loved music and have ALWAYS been singing! It’s just one of those things that has come naturally to me and something I have loved, as a kid, in college, and now, as a mommy. Do you ever make up silly songs to keep the attention of your little one? 


After graduating with a degree in vocal performance, I found myself in a strange place.  I didn’t see myself competing to sing and I didn’t see myself as only a voice teacher. I found myself looking for work, engaged to this fun, smart guy, and burdened by the sad journey of my dad’s serious illness. It was a time in my life (not the last time!) when it was hard to know what to do.


But I found that my friend and mentor needed some help in his music ministry. I knew first hand what a great opportunity it would be to work with him--the best! So I took a chance and before long I was leading the children’s choirs and youth choirs, and I was hooked. Have you ever felt like you were in your “sweet spot”, that place or role that was just right for you and made you light up?  Well, I had found my way there!  

At least for a little while. Then I was given the amazing, long-awaited gift of my adorable, if persistent, little boy. And things changed. A lot! So much of what I learned in 15+ years of working with children and youth made sense. And I learned just how much I was clueless about when it came to a tiny baby!  But some of the truths and convictions that God had put upon my heart through the years only grew stronger as I watched my tiny one grow. (Into a strong and effective negotiator! But that’s another story.)


I think it’s so important that kids know they are loved and created for a purpose! No matter what their inherent giftedness is when it comes to music or art, each child is creative and uniquely gifted. Music is an incredible tool to bring us together, to create community, and to help us find our own unique voices. It is well known that the study of music and art enhances cognitive development, improves academic achievement, and supports social and emotional skills….While all of that is true, its power goes so much deeper.


Music can help us remember important truths. It can help us understand who we are and help to build confidence within us. Music gives the opportunity to bond with our families, our babies, our friends. Music helps us connect with the One that created us.  Music is a language and inspiration unlike any other.


In my own life I've found that music can open us up to possibilities of joy and creativity, comfort us in sadness, and lift us up for a challenge.  Music is truly one of the best gifts we can give our children. 


I hope you will join me in cultivating the hearts of the littlest ones in our lives.  


My little one will join us too!