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A Note from Meredith

Dear Friends!

I believe each one of us has a purpose. Now we may not always feel that way. Sometimes it seems that getting out of bed and working or going to school or taking care of kids all day is enough. Is there any purpose there? If not, how can I possibly add anything else to my schedule! But I believe that God has given each of us gifts to use as part of His unique plan for our everyday lives. Looking at life from this perspective colors the way I see my day and the world around me.

I think it is so important that our teenagers know that God has created each one of them for a purpose. Knowing that there is a plan and a calling on each person’s life changes everything. This perspective shapes decisions from how they spend time to what to do when faced with the endless challenges that they experience through middle and high school.

Students don’t need another activity, another event, another test or class. They need to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. They need a loving community of like-minded friends that will encourage them to be their best, and will accept them for the people God is creating them to be. Our goal is to allow God to use us to shape a community here in Buckhead in which teenagers can find their place. Over our 35-plus combined years in ministry, we have found that students need a safe place to escape from the pressures they face, connect with a loving God, and relate to their friends in authentic, Christ-centered community. We know they need to be reminded that whoever they are and whatever they face, nothing can separate them from the love of God (Romans 8:39).

We have years of experience creating environments that kids can relate to. From Choir Tours to Bible studies, small groups, and fun outings—we don’t know everything, but we know how to relate to, include, and how to love your child. Todd and I are sure that God has a plan for your teenager, and we are positive that He wants them to know it. Imagine a city in which teenagers are convinced that life is precious and meaningful. Imagine a community where they are positive there is a God that loves them and has a plan to use them to make a difference in the world.

We invite you to join us in seeing this vision come to reality. Join us on Sunday, September 17th as we gather as a community to be inspired by God. If you can’t join us in person, please consider giving to support this ministry God is creating. Be a part of this new work in our community! Any gift you give by August 15 gets us closer to our Challenge Gift goal. Learn more by checking out our website at

Together with you,


P.S. If you are a mother of a child in 5th-12th grade, join me in praying for our teenagers. More to come soon - or contact me for information (

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