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Looking For a Simple Sunday?

Dear Friends!

Have you ever wished your Sunday was a little more simple? Life is so busy. Why should our Sunday church experience add more stress to our chaotic lives? What if Sunday mornings could be simple, peaceful, and just the beginning of a week of purposeful living?

We believe that life with Christ goes far beyond one hour on a Sunday morning. Our vision for our 343 Sunday morning gatherings is to keep things simple. We hope the short time we spend together will inspire us to go out and live in community with others throughout the week, following God’s call in our lives to make a difference in our neighborhoods, schools, and families.

With that in mind, we'd like to welcome you to our home just down the street. Join us for a classic potluck dinner or (kid-friendly) brunch! Come see friends and neighbors, and hear a little more about our vision.

Evening Dinner: Thursday, August 24 Sunday Brunch: Sunday, August 27

If you can’t join us on these dates, let us know of an alternate date that works for you. We want to see you and hear from you!

We're excited about our first gathering on September 17! Join us at 10:00am at our NEW location at Defoor Centre!

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Todd and Meredith

P.S. You still have an opportunity to make a contribution toward our Challenge Gift campaign. Your meaningful gift to 343 Ministries through August 15 will get us closer to our goal!

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