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Nothing is Impossible

"The angel answered [Mary]..., 'For nothing is impossible with God.'" Luke 1:35, 37

Why is it so difficult to live our lives with the mindset that nothing we face is impossible for God to overcome or handle for us? I think it mostly has to do with our pride.

We may believe that God can do all things, but we want a crack at it first. Or maybe it's that we believe we've accomplished all that we have without God's help so why do we need Him now?

Pride is an obstacle. I believe it is honestly what keeps us all from growing stronger in our faith in Christ. Pride, which is often accompanied by arrogance, convinces us that our success is 100% up to us, our brute strength, and our tremendous will.

The angel Gabriel reminded Mary... and us that nothing is impossible when God is leading the charge... not us. We are called to follow... to surrender... to humble ourselves to the One who is leading us... the all-powerful, living God. And when we do that, when we follow Him, He demonstrates to us repeatedly that nothing is impossible for Him.

Let's stop trying to convince ourselves that nothing is impossible if we just try a little harder. I'm not telling us to work on our spiritual gift of laziness (though some of you need to relax and be lazy sometimes... but that's another message). I'm saying it's not all on you to figure everything out for your life in your own strength. God has you on a path of revealing to you what your life is all about each day throughout your entire lifetime... it's the long and winding road. It's more about stopping, listening, praying, pondering, seeking, and asking Him for help rather than pushing, driving, and exhausting ourselves over our imperfections or inabilities.

The spiritual truth here is that when we surrender our will and our abilities to God, over and over, He takes that faith, as He did with Mary, as a sign of our trust in Him and His supernatural abilities, and He miraculously accomplishes the impossible things in life for us and for His glory... from the smallest things to the largest things.

Struggling to surrender my pride along with you,


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