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How Do We Respond

Dear Friends,

Have you noticed that the church is no longer at the center of our culture? In years past, the church was the central hub of the social lives of most people and the main community center of many towns. These days not only do fewer people claim affiliation with a church or religion, but also many people view "the church" in a very different, often negative, light.

If you haven't considered this before, it may feel like a foreign concept. For so many of us, church is just how we spend our Sundays. It is a central part of our life rhythm. However, some liken our society's shift away from church as a central authority to the discovery of the sun being the center of our solar system, instead of the earth. Imagine realizing that for the first time. This time in our world is unlike anything we have ever experienced.

So should our mindset about church shift as well? Good question. What do you think? The way Christians have gathered has taken on many forms throughout history and across the world. While we are all so familiar with the typical Sunday worship service, it is good to remember that there is more than one way to approach gathering as a church family to connect with each other and worship God.

Here's another question for you: What is the purpose of the church? And what about our role as Christ-followers in the world? We'll consider these questions next time.

As you think through these concepts, we thought you might be encouraged by a message Todd shared recently called "Finding Your Purpose." We are certain God wants to do something unique and purposeful with YOU! You can find it here or on iTunes Podcasts.

And if you're interested in engaging these topics in person, let us know: here. We've had some great gatherings on Sunday so far this spring and would love for you to be a part!

Have a great week!

Todd & Meredith

P.S. Have you read along with us in "A Seven Day Journey Toward Purpose"? We hope it has encouraged you to find greater purpose in your every day lives.

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