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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Hello 343 Family!

We're excited to share something new! It's been awhile. We hope you are well! To be honest, we've both felt a little overwhelmed lately. Do you ever feel it? We've all been there. Sometimes it just feels impossible to keep up with it all!

And not to add to your stress, but can you believe the holidays are almost here?! That little reminder tends to begin to tip the scales toward overwhelm for us. There is just so much to do!

Well, we're excited to share that Todd has put together some strategies to help us all begin"Overcoming the Overwhelm".

AND we're trying something new! Todd will be bringing these ideas to you next week through FaceBook Live and Instagram Live. All the details are below. We hope you can join us either at 1pm on FaceBook or 8pm on Instagram.

You can find Todd next week on Todd's FaceBook Page and at Todd and Meredith Baker on Instagram. Of course if you miss the live segments, they will be available later as well. We can't wait for this special time together with you!

See you next week!

Todd & Meredith

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