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Joy to the World!

Oh, to experience Christmas the way children do. The wonder at the twinkling lights, the little surprises of an advent calendar, the anticipation of…presents! The joy of candy, cookies, cocoa…all the sugar! It is a magical time of year!

What does the world look like from the eyes of a child? Huge. Colorful. Busy. Full of new and exciting things, hopes and dreams. So much so that why would we even need to hear there is “Joy to the World”? In their eyes, the world is full of wonder!

But doesn’t our perspective change so much throughout our lives? Those exciting new experiences become mundane and routine. Hopes and dreams sometimes take time… or don’t materialize at all. Even the magic of Christmas can often be lost to us adults in the midst of our everyday responsibilities and challenges.

Jesus was born to be the source of joy in our lives. But even recent studies show a continued decline in religious affiliation and attendance. Even more staggering is the generational gap of those who describe themselves specifically as Christians, 84% in the Silent Generation (age 91 to 74) compared to only 49% of Millenials (age 38 to 23). Yet, in spite of this information, so many people around us are seeking a way to connect with Jesus.

Todd and I are happy to be able to find innovative ways for people to connect with God and each other right where they live and work. It is happening by encouraging those in their 20s to find simple routines of choosing God through prayer or journaling. You may have seen Todd on Facebook or Instagram Live reaching out to speak hope and purpose into the lives of those who connect there.

I have been connecting with other moms in our neighborhood. Through monthly group meetings and sharing prayer requests and other needs, a new community has been growing. Most recently I hosted a neighborhood nativity pageant in our home. Even the youngest children could not only hear the story but participate with costumes, songs, and jingle bells! Despite the chaos, the magic was there!

What an opportunity we all have to share with even the youngest around us that Jesus is the One that brings joy to our lives. Amidst the hustle and bustle, and even the sorrow, we can find ways to stay aware of His love and show it to others through our daily actions.

Thank you for being on this journey with us to grow and learn to be the people God has created each one of us to be. There is purpose for each of our lives. As we share His love with others we can change our families… our neighborhoods… the world!

Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!


P.S. If you have not already, consider partnering with us to equip others to share the joy of Christ in their everyday lives. We need your help! Your Year-End Gift will be doubled through tomorrow night!

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