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A Simple Way to Feel the Magic of Christmas

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

2020 has been full of darkness. With darkness comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes fear. With fear comes despair.

But with light comes hope. Not only did John say that the light Jesus brought into the world as God’s promised Messiah would shine in the darkness, but that same light was capable of overcoming the darkness.

Few things can push back despair for a sustaining amount of time. But the bright and shining light of Messiah can do that. His light of pure, unconditional love is the light of Jesus, the God-man, and it can dissipate despair forever. How?

That’s difficult for anyone. But what if we started recognizing our need for that kind of light?

Here’s one idea:

Consider watching the sunrise tomorrow morning. As the darkness of the sky slowly changes to light, remember that that light is the same light God provides each morning just for you. And his light is there to warm you, open your eyes, and sustain you throughout your day.

Let’s start there.



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