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There's Still Time!

Dear Friends,

We're so close to meeting the $10K Year-End Matching Challenge!

We are so grateful to these wonderful friends and to you for contributing to the movement that God is creating through 343 Ministries.

Our vision is to create communities that inspire people to live life to the full and to love others the way Jesus did.

As we have met with many of you face-to-face, we have seen that you are ready to do that with us. As one of our friends in her 20's said this fall, "Sometimes we just need someone to encourage us that living a meaningful life that helps other people is possible." This is why we feel compelled to help the next generation connect with the God that loves them!

God is always in the process of cultivating our hearts so that we can love the people in our lives in the same way that Jesus loved people. As our 343 communities grow and develop even more in 2019, we can't wait to see how the simple and powerful love of Jesus begins to transform our hearts and those of all our friends.

Thank you for joining us in giving toward this! Remember that every dollar given through December 31 will be matched!

Happy New Year!

Todd & Meredith

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